Real estate and construction law Real estate and construction law

The work of our construction and real estate law practice has yielded tangible results in the form of operating plants, lively residential parks and commonhold properties, whose construction was monitored from the design contract to the sale of each flat.

We always offer our clients solutions tailored to the situation at hand, be it the design of the building lot; assessment and deletion of encumbrances on the property; consultation with the building authority; acquisition of copyright related to the structure; negotiation of the general contract; or even settlement of disputes arising in the course of construction works.


We are members of EUCONNEX, a European network of German-language law firms specializing in construction law. Through our expert partner offices, we can also support our clients engaging in international projects and guide our foreign clients in the Hungarian market.


Our contract law practice extends to the use of FIDIC and other standard international documentation; besides, we have also had an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the Building Information Modelling (BIM) system.


We are also conversant with the field of financing related to construction law. We have been involved in working out project loan financing arrangements; developing and operating collateral management systems for banks; devising collaterals for construction contracts; as well as enforcing collaterals or preventing wrongful guarantee calls. We also proceeded to our clients’ satisfaction in the sale of significant property portfolios and companies owning properties.


In handling disputes attendant on construction projects, our practice extends to representing our clients in Performance Certification Expert Board proceedings, as well as civil litigation and arbitration cases.

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