Dispute resolution Dispute resolution

With hundreds of successful lawsuits under our belt, we can safely say that litigation should be the last option to resort to in business matters. We are immensely proud whenever, by acting as “blue berets”, we can amicably resolve a dispute between business partners and keep it out of court while preserving the business relationship.

However, if no other option is left, we will be prepared to steadfastly represent our clients’ interests in court. It does not matter what powerful economic partner or authority you are facing on the opposing side. In addition to lawsuits over loan transactions and collaterals, we have built a solid track record of successfully dealing with, among other things, damages cases, as well as labour law and construction disputes.


Not only are we well-versed in business law matters, but in recent decades we have also gained appropriate experience in constitutional and administrative law cases, besides proceedings conducted before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. We are also successful in handling complaints filed against our clients with the Financial Mediation Board.


We are happy to serve our clients not only as their legal representative but also as a mediator or even an arbitrator, in order to facilitate the settlement of their disputes.


We cannot foresee the outcome of proceedings but, thanks to experience we have accumulated, we can predict it relatively accurately. Prior to litigation, we always disclose to our clients any risks associated with the dispute.

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