Banking and finance law Banking and finance law

Banking law has many facets. In addition to licencing and supervisory proceedings, this includes customer identification, money laundering prevention and the public law aspects of compliance, as well as consultancy and documentation on conventional and modern banking products.

We are particularly proud of being specialists in this beautiful and complex area of​law.

Whether it is the foundation, transformation or transfer of a financial institution; the election of senior executives; or support or representation during a supervisory proceeding, our colleagues will assist our clients with their relevant expertise.


Likewise, we support our clients through our experience and professionalism in concluding ISDA, LMA and other similar framework agreements; setting up a cash-pooling structure or collateral pool; project financing; portfolio transfers, interpreting international standards for guarantees and letters of credit; developing investment banking products; and a lot more.

Our colleagues also participate in the work of several working groups of the Hungarian Banking Association.


We clearly explain to our foreign clients the peculiarities of Hungarian law so that they can secure their claims with appropriate collaterals. We fully represent them in the course of registering or even enforcing collaterals. At their request, we prepare a legal opinion on their business partner or the documentation of the transaction.


We have amassed significant experience and achieved outstanding success in conducting mediation in consumer disputes and defending consumer lawsuits brought against our clients. We have been successful in other administrative and litigation proceedings concerning banking operations, as well as in liquidation and enforcement cases.


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