About us

We are lawyers. Each of us has a different strength. We have teamed up to find solutions to our clients’ different problems concerning business law. As you know, “The fabric of law always comes to fray somewhere”. Contact us before that happens.


Our strengths

We speak our clients’ language: We know the needs of businesses inside out. Until Commerzbank AG's departure from the Hungarian market at the end of 2022, our firm provided comprehensive legal services to Commerzbank Zrt, the bank's Hungarian subsidiary. Also because of this experience, we know our way around not only the law, but also the business. We quickly understand our clients’ goals and translate them to the language of law. Our communication with our clients is open, fair and non-technical. Rather than writing long and abstract legal treatises, we provide clear and useful advice. You will receive from us what we would like to receive ourselves, if we were in your place.


We save our clients time and money: Thanks to our many years of experience, we immediately recognise what matters. We work precisely and effectively towards a purposeful and creative strategy to solve our clients’ problems. We pride ourselves on being transparent and cost-effective in our work, which you can always verify from the time sheets attached to the invoices. Upon request, we willingly provide a preliminary calculation as we do not want to surprise our clients but the opposing party. We do what we are good at and so also admit if we do not know the answer to something. Should that happen, rather than spending days on looking for a solution in vain, we recommend a specialist.


International approach: Not only do we speak foreign languages, but we also use them in our daily work. We need this for two reasons: a significant part of our business law has been transposed from EU law. Therefore, it is essential that we use the legal practices and court decisions of other Member States for the benefit of our clients. Also, economic transactions know no national boundaries. Thanks to our well-established and well-proven network of contacts, we can support our clients not only in Hungary but, through our foreign partners, also in many countries around the world.


Meet our colleagues.

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