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The use of the lajer.net website (hereinafter: website) is governed by the following terms of use. The website is operated by Lajer Law Firm (1024 Budapest, Lövőház u. 30, Hungary) also for the other law firms participating as partners in the Lajer Attorneys Partnership (“Lajer Ügyvédi Társulás”). These terms of use become part of the contract that may be established by the parties during or as a result of browsing the website. Parties are the persons using the website, any member of the Lajer Attorneys Partnership and any associates thereof (“we” or “us”).


Purpose of the website

We introduce ourselves and the activities we pursue on this website for information. The information, news, references, facts, and opinions published on the website (hereinafter collectively: information) provide general information and do not serve as legal advice for any specific legal questions.


Legal relationship

In line with its purpose, the website does not intend to establish any contract between us and the persons visiting the website. People browsing and reading diverse content on the website does not become our client.

No information published on the website should be considered to be legal or professional advice of any other nature. The publication of information on the website is not an offer to contract. We provide legal services only on the basis of a written contract with a client.


Nature of the information published on the website

We believe the information disclosed in various formats on the website (e.g. blog entry, post, podcast, video) to be true at the time of publication. Such information, however, by virtue of its nature is not complete and is not sought to satisfy any specific information requirement of the website visitors. We similarly cannot guarantee that the information on the website correspond to the prevailing views or and/or the position of courts. The change of legislation, legal practice and jurisprudence may render the information on the website outdated. We do not commit to updating the published information.

The information displayed on the website is not intended to be a basis for any legal, business or any other similar decision, therefore, readers may use such information for decision making only at their own risk. Consequently, we recommend you to contact one of our colleagues and seek up-to-date legal advice on your specific question before decision making.

We reserve the right to change or remove any information published on the website.



Having regard to the nature of information on the website, we do not take responsibility for the information to be correct, up-to-date or complete, therefore, we exclude liability for any and all damage arising from the use of the information.

We also take all efforts to ensure that our website and the files available for download are free from malicious codes (such as computer viruses), however, we do not take responsibility for this. In this respect we exclude liability for any damage of your device and the data stored on such device that may occur when browsing the website or due to files opened or downloaded from the website.

We do not guarantee the permanent availability of the website, its pages and sections, or the information sought.



We do not take responsibility for the operation, content and security of other websites reached via a hyperlink pointing to such other website or specific content on another website. The fact that we placed a link on our website pointing to another website does not mean that we agree with the contents of the linked website or file, or the publishing person’s position, or that we endorse it in any manner.


Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights to the website design as well as the graphics, images, descriptions, texts, and trademarks appearing on the website is owned by Lajer Law Firm. Any use thereof – apart from free use permitted by law – is permitted only with the written consent of the holder of the intellectual property rights.

Non-transferable copyrights of graphics, photos and website coding are held by Győző Dudás, Ábel Farkass and Éva Laborczi, respectively.


Personal data

We process personal data obtained by virtue of the operation of the website (e.g. through e-mail) according to our Privacy Notice.


Change of terms

We are entitled to change these terms of use at any time. Changes are effective from the date of publishing. We recommend you to always check the current contents of these terms of use.



Status as of 5 April 2021

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