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According to an old principle, a tortfeasor must pay for the damage they have caused. However, the views of the parties concerned differ in most cases as to exactly who is liable for the damage and to what extent.

In recent decades, we have had the opportunity to accumulate relevant experience in cases involving breach of contract and what is known as tortfeasance, which we can leverage for the benefit of our clients.


We help make an informed case for the well-founded enforcement of your claim for damages to make the tortfeasor voluntarily indemnify you, rather than having to enforce the claim by way of litigation. In the preparatory phase, we involve an expert in establishing the case facts, if necessary; thoroughly analyze the documentation; and conduct research into legal practices applied in similar cases, including examples from international proceedings.


If no settlement is reached, we will carefully prepare the full documentation for litigation and represent our client during the proceeding. We will also be present and provide support in the course of enforcement, if any is necessary, after litigation.


Unfortunately, our clients, including insurers, often encounter unfounded claims for damages, in which cases we rely on our extensive experience in defending such claims. During case preparation, we will explore the case in detail and develop a strategy deemed to be the most expedient to tackle the case. We obtain private expert opinions as needed and identify relevant witnesses.


In addition to damage caused by a breach of contract or an accident, we also proceed in special areas such as the enforcement of claims for damages arising from public legislation. Our relations with foreign law firms allow us to provide appropriate support in the event of international cases, either to our Hungarian clients abroad or to our foreign clients in Hungary.

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