Corporate and company registration law Corporate and company registration law

As part of our company law services, we follow our clients’ operation from their inception to their termination.

With newly established companies, we are happy to provide advice ranging from the choice of legal form to the smallest detail of regulating their operation. Taking advantage of the flexibility of the Civil Code, we are no strangers to atypical solutions either.


We provide expert support during minor changes in the life of a company, such as the choice of a new seat or appointment of a new managing director, or major steps like a change in legal form, or a merger or demerger, all this in cooperation with an accountant, financial advisers and investors. We are aware that in many cases time is of the essence and there is a need for rapid changes as soon as possible. Our experience in the field of company law allows us to quickly prepare company law documentation, thus speeding up the registration of the desired change.


If you wish to close down your company, we will advise you on the sale of your shares or carry out legal tasks related to voluntary winding-up. By providing legal advice and conducting due diligence, we help the prospective buyers of business quotas make their final decision and we also explore the legal risks and benefits of the purchase. Our staff headcount also enables the efficient screening of large amounts of documents. As part of the screening process, we prepare the necessary confidentiality agreements and letters of intent, the bid, the syndicate agreement and other documents, as necessary.


It is surprisingly common that after a company is dissolved without a legal successor, the fate of the assets left behind remains unsettled, and so in such cases we can also show the way ahead in the course of asset distribution.


Sometimes, due to a bad practice or just an oversight, a company is subjected to a regulatory compliance review proceeding. In such cases, we help our clients restore legal operation as soon as possible and maintain it. However, our clients can also turn to us in the opposite case: we represent them in the course of initiating regulatory compliance review proceedings if, for example, they cannot reach their partners at their seats, or if their mail is returned with the marking “Unclaimed” or “Addressee unknown”, since this does not only jeopardize the recovery of their debt but also prevents them from communicating it.

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