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It is aptly stated that data is the new oil. The significance of data protection has taken on new dimensions with the entry into effect of what is known as the GDPR Regulation. We have been able to build specialized expertise and experience in this relatively new field of law at an early stage, and perform successfully for our clients in various in

The reason for this is that we do not intend to impose a one-size-fits-all solution on our clients; rather, we tailor data protection policies to their individual needs. We take pride in our ability to show our clients suffering from blanket solutions delivered by providers claiming to be data protection specialists that data protection steps are easy to integrate into workflows and do not hinder business operations. Our work is greatly assisted by our knowledge and understanding of the functioning and internal logic of modern technologies.


We do not focus on what cannot be done; instead, we keep looking, in a practice-oriented manner, for ways to ensure that our clients operate efficiently while complying with data protection regulations. In devising good solutions, we are also helped by our knowledge of the official and court practices of the other member states of the European Union, as well as the relevant specialized literature, from which we adopt practical solutions that can be applied in Hungary.


In cooperation with the office’s labour law and property law practices, we have also acquired experience in resolving data protection issues related to the use of workplace and commonhold CCTV and other surveillance systems, as well as access control systems.


We provide support to our customers' data protection officers and, if necessary, act as data protection officers. We are also the right partner if you need to conduct privacy due diligence or put in place tailor-made policies, lawfully compiled databases, or fast and focussed incident management.

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