Labour law Labour law

Professional advice on labour law matters is essential for establishing, effectively operating and changing a company's work organization.

Our office is available to its clients, from the start to the end of the employment relationship: We will support you in lawfully achieving your business goals by personalizing employment contracts containing non-compete and special confidentiality clauses or other similar arrangements; writing or revising employer policies; working out a remuneration or whistleblowing system harmonized with that of your foreign parent company or devising the most suitable working time model; and dealing with ordinary or extraordinary termination of employment or, if necessary, even collective dismissals.


In our work, we place special emphasis on consultancy on various forms of flexible employment, such as student employment contracts, home office work and teleworking.


With the involvement of our practice specializing in data protection, we will assist you in developing lawful CCTV and other surveillance systems, as necessary. In addition to supporting commercial and industrial enterprises, our practice also encompasses specific areas such as drafting or reviewing remuneration policies for credit institutions.


Labour disputes can be largely avoided by means of providing judicious advice and drafting prudently worded contracts and policies. Failing that, we are committed to representing our clients’ interests before labour courts.

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