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About us

Being leader of an attorneys’ partnership consisting of attorneys-at-law having high level experience in business law, Lajer Law Firm offers its assistance for its clients to solve their day-to-day legal problems.

All of our attorneys-at-law gained experience at international law firms or multinational companies in recognizing the clients’ needs and requirements and to assist our clients to satisfy such requirements properly. Due to their experience and knowledge, our colleagues are aware not only of the relevant legal regulations but also of the market and economical environment which shall be considered also by our clients when making decisions. Thus, result of our work is not only legally appropriate, but it may also be duly carried out in the practice.

In the course of our activity we also consider other legal systems and the European and international trends. This might be the reason of our open-mindedness for innovations, and sometimes our extraordinary legal solutions as well.

Our greatest success is to support our clients with our knowledge in their secure and efficient operation and business success.


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