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Real estate law
In course of providing legal advice in real estate matters, our Law firm focuses on a comprehensive approach of the matter, taking also economic criteria in consideration. Our activities involve the prior examination of the legal status of the real estate, providing complete legal due diligence in case of real estate investments, preparing sale and purchase and other necessary contacts, acting before the land registry and enforcing relevant tax law considerations.

Besides the traditional real estate transactions we also represent our clients in complex legal tasks, such as:
  • legal task regarding commercial real estates, industrial areas, Greenfield investments;
  • ilegal counseling regarding real estate sales and utilization;
  • legal due diligence of the status of real estates, settlement of their status at the land registry;
  • preparing trustee contracts;
  • preparing flat leasing and exchange contracts, establishing valuable rights and interests;
  • preparing lease contacts for flats and other real estates;
  • preparing, modifying condominium association charter documents, handling other tasks in connection with condominiums, such as mortgage rights, etc.

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