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Our Law firm primarily intends to avoid litigation and settle legal dispute amicably as litigation is time and cost consuming for our clients, whereby such goal may be achieved by providing professional legal advice and accurate preparation of contractual documentation for our clients. However, litigation is still one of our main focuses, and our colleagues represented clients in numerous cases successfully before local and county courts, before courts of appeal and before the Hungarian Supreme Court as well. We our proud to mention that some of such litigations have also been published in professional legal periodicals due to their complex and innovative nature.
Our litigation practice involves preparation of submissions and representing our clients at court hearings taking according to our clients’ interests, whereby we also focus on clarifying the procedural and remedial possibilities to our clients.

Besides legal representation before the different court levels, our colleagues also gained experience in the field of administrative lawsuits such as building and construction, advertisement related litigation, competition law, IT-litigation etc., which enable us to analyze the chances of the disputes and represent the interests of our clients successfully.

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