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Administrative law
We also represent our clients’ in administrative procedures related to the contracts prepared by us. In course of such procedures we prepare and submit applications, we take part in administrative negotiations, and we prepare appeals if needed. We also stay at our mandators’ disposal in cases related to authorial contracts.

In our administrative practice, building and construction law, land registry law, environmental law, pharmaceutical law and energy law have special emphasis as follows:
  • Building and construction law: In such field we represent our clients’ interests in authorization’s proceedings, involving the obtainment of the competent authorities’ permissions as well.
  • Land registry procedures: Due to the activity in real estate law our firm has up-to-date and wide experience in the land registry proceedings, especially in cases related to sale and purchase contracts and connected collateral contracts.
  • Law of public services: Our firm has wide experience in energy law and water management, especially in authorization and control.
  • Environmental law: Our colleagues have already represented numerous environmental matters successfully.
  • Pharmaceutical law: Our law firm represented several international pharmaceutical firms in authorization proceedings, in market authorizations and other related matters.
  • Consumer protection: we represented several times our clients in the consumer protection authorities, related to the proceedings of commercial control.

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