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Securities law

Our Law firm accompanies its clients in course of the whole establishment procedure of an investment company from the first minute until the whole realization. We represent our clients on behalf of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF), Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT), KELER Zrt., and other authorities. In addition, we assist in obtaining the necessary permissions and to prepare the general terms of business, and we also attend at the negotiations concerning the securities.


Our lawyers have wide experience with securities representing claims, such as promissory notes, and others, thus, our clients may ask us for advice in questions regarding the issuance, transfer, and prosecution of such securities. In promissory note processes we represent our clients with high quality attention of the special rules of such litigations.


We also have experience regarding securities representing rights connected to commodities (for example: warehouse warrant), and we often counsel our clients in questions of issuance, transfer and performing any other activity in connection with such securities.


Our lawyers also provide legal advice for clients utilizing investment services; investigating first of all whether they conclude the appropriate contracts, or whether they have been provided with all the necessary information by their financial partners to take a reasonable decision.


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